LearningCurve Features Enable Instructor-Led and Self-Pace Training In One Place


Latest Features

Room Scheduling

LearningCurve makes it easy to schedule and manage your Instructor Led Training that will be delivered in different sessions and locations. The Admin can easily create rooms with some default details/metadata such as Room Name/Capacity/Address/Room type and other organization related specs via Custom Field Used in Rooms. Training Coordinator or Instructor can book & edit the booking details of the created rooms from the course page to give any Instructor Led Sessions. The Trainee can see the booked room on his calendar and on the session page. Admin can also view all the booked rooms in an aggregate calendar view to get an insight about the reservations. Wait for more features related to room scheduling in the next release, such as room blocking & unblocking for maintenance or any other purposes.

Room Scheduling

Public APIs

Any portal or external website can call LC public APIs via Oauth to [get courses, add users, enroll users, opt out users from courses, get user courses, get detailed course info] so that it can be reflected on that portal or website.

Public Apls


Course Management

Administrators can create courses and catalogs to deliver targeted learning to the users, according to your company KPIs.

Certifications & Retraining

Certification and retraining activities, such as: recurring training, continuing education, and compliance programs, can be managed centrally.


Multi Channel

LearningCurve provides a mixture of structured and informal methods, from instructor-led training, to self-paced courses.

Social Learning

Community and Spaces allow users to consult peer mentors, ask questions, and collaborate, encouraging and rewarding content contribution.

Habitual Learning

LearningCurve Leverages AI and brain science to create an engaging and habitual learning experience.


Content is accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device, both online and offline. This enables learning at the point of need.



Instructors evaluate knowledge and retention with different types of activities – for example, auto graded quizzes and handout submission. Randomized set of questions can be used in authoring quizzes.

Effectiveness Measurement

Course feedback measures how engaged trainees were, how actively they contributed, and how they reacted to the training.

Learning Analysis

LearningCurve tracks and measures the impact of the training programs on the business. Precise insights are available through customizable reports and dashboards.



LearningCurve is integrated with Office 365 and Teams, and it is also xAPI open, to allow third-party integrations with other platforms. It can be hosted on our Azure as SaaS, or on your private tenant, with a cost effective model.


LearningCurve can be rebranded as your organization’s unique e-learning platform, to immerse the learners in the experience.

Adoption Services

We train the trainers, to enable them to teach with technology, and we raise awareness to engage stakeholders and align the vision within your organization.


Content Digitization

We offer a professional content digitization service to transform your own content into an engaging digital content, with awesome UX.

HR Integration

We can integrate the employee information from your HR system to LearningCurve, to facilitate your system administration.


Training plays an important role in the effectiveness of change management. Providing training on how to use the e-learning tools is crucial to enable trainees to teach with technology.


We create awareness among stakeholders within the organization by aligning them to the vision, to ensure adoption success.