seven styles of learning

What are the seven styles of learning?

If you sat down to eat the same meal every night of the week, you’d soon lose your appetite. Learning is just the same. If every lesson and assignment was carried out in exactly the same way, students would soon lose their appetite to learn. (And teachers would probably lose their appetite to teach, too!) Variety, change, new combinations – …

problem based learning vs inquiry based learning

What’s the difference?

Learning through discovery has always been fundamental to education. The best answers are, of course, those that students uncover for themselves, rather than those they memorize from others. These days, certain labels are often applied to this kind of learning, including ‘Inquiry Based’ and ‘Project Based’. While these are relatively recent, the underlying principles are much older. Indeed, some in

theory of learning

Theories of Learning

For centuries, philosophers and psychologists have tried to understand the nature of learning. How does it happen? What determines its success – and failure? How can one person (such as a teacher) influence the learning of another (i.e. a student)? While all agree that there isn’t one single answer, there are then various theories as to what the possible answers …